My lab is interested in developing mathematical models of biological regulatory processes that integrate specific knowledge about protein-protein interactions. We develop and maintain a simulation framework called BioNetGen that allows rule-based specification of biochemical reaction networks and provides both deterministic and stochastic modeling capabilities. Current research includes the development of specific models of signal transduction and the development of new stochastic simulation algorithms that will greatly broaden the scope of models that can be developed. Other research areas include model reduction, parameter estimation and uncertainty analysis, and automated model construction from databases of protein interactions.

I am also the Pitt co-director of the Joint Carnegie Mellon – University of Pittsburgh PhD Program in Computational Biology.

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Recent Papers:

J. J. Tapia,  A. S. Saglam, J. Czech, R. Kuczewski, T. M. Bartol, T. J. Sejnowski, and J. R. Faeder (2019) “MCell-R: A Particle-Resolution Network-Free Spatial Modeling Framework,” Methods in Molecular Biology, 1945, 203–229. doi:10.1007/978-1-4939-9102-0_9. (arxiv preprint)

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Gupta, S, Hainsworth, L, Hogg, JS, Lee, REC, and Faeder, JR (2018) “Evaluation of Parallel Tempering to Accelerate Bayesian Parameter Estimation in Systems Biology,” Proceedings of PDP 2018, doi:10.1109/PDP2018.2018.00114. (arxiv)

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Sekar JAP, Hogg, JS, and Faeder JR (2017) Energy-based Modeling in BioNetGen. Proceedings – 2016 IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine, BIBM 2016 (link)

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